REAP is a community-based concussion management approach that stands for:

  • Remove/Reduce
  • Educate
  • Adjust/Accommodate
  • Pace

The Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Family Team

Parents, guardians and students have an integral part in recognizing and managing a concussion

Medical Team

Healthcare providers have an integral part in diagnosing, treating and ultimately "clearing" a concussion

School Teams

Two school teams - the School Team/Academic and the School Team/Physical - are essential in helping the student with a concussion successfully return to learn (RTL) and return to play (RTP)

REAP Manual

REAP was developed in Colorado. It has since been customized for the state of New York, New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, Washington, Nebraska and Iowa. The Colorado version has also been translated into Spanish. We are currently working on customization for the states of Hawaii, North Carolina and West Virginia. The benefit of customizing REAP for your state is that it will contain your own local experts, your local student story and local resources. 

Attached is the 2013 version of Colorado REAP. The Colorado REAP is being updated to reflect the newest research shared from the 2016 Berlin Consensus Statement. 

The 2017 updated Colorado version of REAP coming soon. 

REAPColorado2013 (pdf)